Pictures of baby Jesse

Here he is! Jesse Gabriel Vawter, along with very proud (and gentle!) big brothers Micah and Matthew.



Jesse joined us after a short (but intense!) labor – we got to the hospital around 4:30 am on Sunday, and he was born at 6:51 am.  Thankfully, I did not have to have another C-section because I have a bicornuate uterus (basically, 2 completely separate “halves”).  My C-section was on the left half of my uterus, and Jesse was on the right side, so there was not any pressure on my uterine incision during labor.  Funny – a “deformity,” one that was supposed to cause me all kinds of problems, actually proved to be beneficial in the end.  Hmmm – the Lord has mysterious ways.

We are all home now, and doing very well.  Jesse is doing a great job nursing, and his big brothers and grandparents are enjoying him very much.  I’m feeling good and recovering well, too!

Thanks for all the prayers, everyone!


13 thoughts on “Pictures of baby Jesse

  1. Hey!! Congratulations!! Jesse is BEAUTIFUL–and you look FANTASTIC, Amy!! So glad everything worked out just as you’d hoped. And Jesse is healthy and well? You guys have definitely been in my prayers!

    The photo with Micah holding Jesse and Matthew looking over his shoulder–sooooo precious!! 🙂 Definitely my favorite.

    Congrats to you and Aaron, and hope you are recovering nicely (and quickly!). God bless all 5 of you! Loves!

  2. He is beautiful! And I love the pictures of the proud big brothers too! Happy to hear that you are having a smooth recovery. Can’t wait to hear more details about life with three little boys… 🙂



  3. Oh my goodness…I dont think its possible to have a cuter family!! I am just so happy for you all!! What a wonderful gift for a wonderful family! Much love and many hugs!!!

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