Settling in

Ahh – kids are in bed, kitchen is cleaned up – so with tea in hand and chocolate nearby, I finally sit down and have a chance to write a little bit.

We are very much enjoying our “new” house.  Aaron had 7 wonderful days off to help us move in and get settled, and the move went very smoothly.  What a luxury to have someone else pack and carry all our stuff!  Unpacking has gone much more quickly than I expected, and we’re settling in very nicely.  I will post pictures of the house soon, but we’re not quite camera-ready yet. 🙂  For now, the boys are having a blast playing with all the packing paper!!




It was hard to send Aaron back to Yakima to finish up residency, but after this long 2-week stretch, we will see him every weekend until he finally graduates at the end of June.

I am definitely feeling the “3rd-trimester fatigue” creeping up on me . . . or maybe it’s the move, taking care of 2 boys on my own, and the restless nights as kids adjust to a new environment . . . hmmm – either way, I’m exhausted.

Also, we just found out that the hospital here in Walla Walla does not allow any VBAC births.  This news was very difficult to hear – I had my heart set on a smooth, easy, home-town birth this time around, and that’s just not going to happen now.  I had a few very rough days as I struggled with the news – the emotions and trauma of Matthew’s C-section came rushing back to me in vivid detail, and I simply can’t bear to go through any part of that again.  Granted, Matthew’s C-section was more traumatic than most, but I still can’t put myself through another major surgery unnecessarily.  (more on that subject later.)  So, it looks like we will have to temporarily move back to Yakima for this baby’s birth.  I have been blessed with two wonderful OB doctors, one here and one in Yakima, who are willing to cooperate on this, and who both agree that I’m a perfect VBAC candidate.  (My doctor here in Walla Walla said he would definitely do it, if the hospital allowed him to.)  When I reach my 38th week (toward the end of August), the kids and I will move back to Yakima and “hang out” until I go into labor.  Aaron will have to stay in Walla Walla to work, but when it looks like I’m in labor he will (safely, I hope) drive to Yakima and hopefully get there in time for his 3rd son’s birth.  The logistics will be difficult, and we will definitely count on our Yakima “support system” for help agan! –  but I am willing to do whatever it takes to avoid a 2nd C-section.  I’m very disappointed that the whole thing won’t be as smooth and easy as we were hoping for, but I’m more at peace with the situation now than when I first heard the news.

There is a lot more to write about, but my tea is gone, my chocolate was yummy, and now, it’s bed-time.


4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Sorry to hear things have been hard, Amy. Hang in there, and know you’re in my prayers, as always. Everything will be okay–the best is yet to come, right? 🙂 (With God, we know that’s the truth!)

    Glad the move is going smoothly and you’re starting to feel settled in. Erik will be in the TC for a month or so this summer, so I imagine I’ll be headed that direction a time or two…maybe I’ll have to make a WW pit stop. 🙂

    Hang in there. Loves!

  2. General doesn’t allow VBAC either? I know that’s kinda a no-no since Aaron’s working for St. Mary’s, but that’s where I had Logan and it was great.

    Anyway, I hope the temporary move back works out. Hopefully the little guy is content to stay put that long and then goes quickly after the “move.” Love ya Ames! :0)

  3. Glad the move went well! I’m sorry to hear about the hospital not allowing VBACs. I really hope you have a good birth experience. I understand how important that is to a mom and baby.

  4. I know I am behind the times on checking other’s blogs – – so sorry for the late comment!

    Anyway, I am glad you are settling well in Walla Walla. I can only imagine how tired you must feel- – I did something fairly simple (though requiring physical work), like mowing the lawn yesterday and it fairly wiped me out for several days. Anyway, I am so sad for you about the no VBAC at the hospital there! It was the same for several of my friends in Sunnyside- they won’t do them there either. I think you are doing the right thing coming back to Yakima to have your baby. Let me know when you will be here and we would love to see you! I know you will have lots of other friends who will want to see you too . . . .maybe you can squeeze us in? I will also do whatever I can to help – – we can have you over for meals (or I can bring food), or I can help watch your boys – – whatever you need. I would also love to visit you in the hospital!

    Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you get closer.

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