Was it really only a year ago?

My little Matthew,

Just one short year ago, you were such a different baby.


You were so sick, so fragile, and just didn’t have the energy to do much at all – including eat for yourself.  Yet, your smile was so sweet, and your eyes sparkled with a life that we loved more than you’ll ever know.  The fact that your future was so uncertain broke our hearts.

But, one year ago today, that all changed.  On May 7, 2008, a skilled surgeon repaired your heart – a day I once feared and dreaded, but now I will always treasure.  You sailed through the surgery, recovered more quickly than we ever thought possible, and immediately embraced life with fantastic energy and vigor.  You have come so far in the past year, that it is hard to believe it has only been 12 short months.

Now, look at you!

oops – where did you go?


Oh!  There you are!


You are constantly on-the go, walking (working on running!), climbing, playing, laughing, and getting into whatever kind of trouble you can find.


You immediately win over every person you meet, earning lots of laughs by showing your muscles.

Matthew showing off his "muscles" with a friend

Matthew showing off his "muscles" with a friend

Your sense of humor is fantastic, and you love making others laugh.

You can communicate many things to us, using sign language to tell us when you are hungry or thirsty, want more or are all done, or want to take a bath.  You also sign and say “Da-da,” and you have a special place in your heart for your daddy and your grandpa.  It is fitting that one of your first words was “Pa-pa.”  You will say “Ma-ma,” but only if you are upset and really need something from me!

Your favorite games are peek-a-boo, chasing me and your big brother, tickle-time and blowing raspberries, pulling all the books off the shelf, and, of course, laughing at silly boy-noises.  You adore your big brother, and can make a game out of just about anything with him.

And, best of all, you are healthy.  For a year now, you haven’t needed anything more than an occasional antibiotic for an ear infection.  We only see your cardiologist once a year for a check-up, and we don’t fear for your life when you get an cough or cold.  You have come so far from the baby who was only expected to live a few hours – you are such a miracle!

You truly are a blessing and  joy, and I am so grateful that God gave us YOU.  Thank you, Lord, and to You be the Glory!

We love you so much,

Mommy & Daddy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today is also a “new beginning” for our family, as we move into our first house!  If you are feeling nostalgic (or are just curious) what happened one year ago, the day Matthew’s heart was surgically repaired, you can check out the archives for May 2008, or follow these links to my posts from that day:


4 thoughts on “Was it really only a year ago?

  1. We love you Amy, Aaron, Micah, Matthew, and the new little man!! We hope today’s move goes extremely smoothly, and we’re looking forward to seeing your house once you’ve made it your own.

  2. Wow! A year already!!! What an amazing year it has been for the Vawter family. Amy & Aaron – thank you for sharing your journey! Your family inspires me on a continual basis and I love being able to hear about each new “adventure” that comes your way! Matthew is such a wonderful boy, and I’m so thrilled for all that has happened with him so far…I cant wait to hear about all the amazing things to come!

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  4. Pingback: Happy Heart Day! « Matthew Nicholas Vawter

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