Moved Out, but not yet moved in.

It has been a busy couple weeks!

Last week, we were very busy getting ready for the movers to come, getting Aaron packed up for 2 months “away,” and the kids and I ready for 2 weeks in-between houses.  The movers arrived last Thursday to pack everything, then they loaded the truck on Friday.  Micah was pretty excited about the big, orange moving truck, and Aaron and I were incredibly grateful to not have to do all of the packing and moving ourselves!  There was enough work to do as it was!

Our last week in Yakima was filled with lots of visits with (and help from!) our good friends.  As excited as we are about this move, it is really hard to leave our Yakima “family.”  We are going to miss you all so much!  Our Walla Walla home will be ready to welcome guests soon, and we hope you will come visit us often.

The moving truck arrives in Walla Walla on Thursday to move us into our new house.  Meanwhile, we’ve spent some time with family in Yakima, getting all of the loose-ends tied up there and spending some time with Aaron, before the kids and I headed to WW to stay with my parents for the rest of the week.  It is going to be hard to be away from Daddy for 2 months, but we will visit often.  He finishes residency the end of June, and then we will enjoy a wonderful July together as a family before he starts his new position in Walla Walla the 1st of August.

The kids are having a great time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, like always, and I have been able to catch an afternoon nap with the kids the last couple days!  These next weeks will be exciting and busy, too, but I will post when I can.


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