Micah’s Weather Report

Tuesday: Winter! Snow storm with enough snow in the back yard to make footprints, then lots of rain, then thunder and hail.

Wednesday: Summer! 65-degrees, and I’m ready for it with my new swim-suit!




2 thoughts on “Micah’s Weather Report

  1. That is an awesome weather report! So typical of kids and the weather. My three year old asked to put on her swimsuit and go out in her pool when it was like 30 degrees outside. Enjoy!

  2. When did I miss that you’re having another boy?!? Congratulations- you’ve entered the world of three boys! It’s going to fun, let me tell you! :0) By the way, when are you guys moving? We were in Walla Walla a couple weeks ago and drove by your new house, just sitting there waiting for you. I was wishing you had already moved so we could come see you too!

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