Prayers for Micah

Micah is having a lot of trouble hearing.  He can’t hear a normal speaking voice, and has even more trouble if there is background noise.  At first, I was very frustrated with him because I thought he was ignoring me every time I talked to him, but it became clear that he truly isn’t hearing.

His ears are not obviously infected, but it does look like there is fluid behind his ear drums.  So, we’re treating him as if he has ear infections, and hoping his hearing will return to normal if we can clear up the fluid.

However, I can’t help but worry about my little guy.  I have two uncles and a cousin who all suffered permanent hearing loss after having a viral illness with a fever.  Please keep him in your prayers.  He’s my healthy guy, and this makes me realize how much I count on and need him to stay that way.

Aaron is still pretty sick, but thankfully the pneumonia and influenza tests were all negative.  His fevers have let up some, but he has to work another 30-hour shift today, so say a prayer for him, too.  He only has one more week of this awful rotation, then he’ll be able to get some rest.

Thanks for the prayers.


7 thoughts on “Prayers for Micah

  1. Wow…I’ll definitely continue to keep you guys, especially Aaron and Micah, in my prayers. How are you holding up? Feeling better at all? Call me if you need to chat!! I’m trying to overcome wicked jet lag, so I’m looking for excuses to stay awake anyway. Hang in there. Loves!

  2. Will definitely be thinking/praying about you guys and hoping both Micah and Aaron are doing better soon! We have repeatedly had problems with Corbin’s ears and fluid building up each cold/flu season. We have another appointment tomorrow to monitor it. The next step may be to have tubes put in. So please keep Corbin in your prayers for healthy ears as well.

  3. I know I am so far behind on blogging so this comment is really late- – so I apologize for that. Marcus had a lot of problems at Micah’s age with his ears. It took awhile for our family doctor to refer us to an ENT – – but after not passing a hearing test and with all his behavior problems and the fact that he was hardly talking . . . anyway the ENT was able to see that he had fluid in his ears and had about a 20 percent hearing loss. He put tubes put in his ears to help the drainage, which I am sure you know is an extremely simple surgery, and things got soooo much better after that! If you haven’t already, and he is still having problems, you might want to look into it!

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