A really nasty virus

. . . and not the computer kind.

My “mild cold” grew up into a big, nasty illness that has knocked out our entire family.  I had the worst sore throat and cough I can remember, and lost many night’s sleep either taking care of sick kids or coughing too much to sleep.  Matthew ended up with another ear infection, but seems to be feeling much better now thanks to the antibiotics.  The kids are finally starting to sleep better at night, and I feel like I’m starting to “turn the corner,” too.

Aaron and Micah were hit hardest by this, though.  Micah felt so awful that he actually asked to go take naps several times.  He looked more miserable than I’ve ever seen him. 

Aaron has missed 3 days of work, but still had to work his 30-hour shift on Wednesday.  Is it any wonder that he is the only one who is feeling worse instead of better?  He went to the doctor today (. . . do you know how difficult it is to get a doctor to go to the doctor??), and got a chest X-ray to look for pneumonia (it was clear), and a test for Influenza B.  We’ll wait on those results, but meanwhile we’re grateful he has the weekend off.  At least we all have a couple more days to rest and try to recover.

We’re all sick-and-tired of being sick and tired!


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