Prayers today

I received an email from Lisa a couple days ago.  Her little girl was diagnosed with Down syndrome and an AV canal defect in January, and her labor is being induced today.  Please keep them in your prayers today, as this little one is born, and pray that their journey to and through heart surgery is as smooth as possible.  You can check in with them (and leave notes of well-wishes/congratulations) on her blog:  Grace Upon Grace

You know how strongly we believe in the power of prayer, and you have all been such incredible prayer-warriors.  Let’s wrap this family up in grace today!


4 thoughts on “Prayers today

  1. Lisa, Our hearts and prayers go out to you today. May God’s grace embrace you with the strength and couage you need and anoint you with hope and peace. Father, bless all who care for Lisa and this new creation. And reveal Himself to all of them through abundant love. Love in Christ,June

  2. I headed over and am so hoping that it was the right thing to do.I was once told that because Zoey came hit with more than her fair share and now is facing her greatest challenge,that I might not be the best of the welcome wagon.That made me immensely sad because as I said to her, Zoey to me, is all about possibility.She is all about hope and miracles and all about God’s amazing grace.I so hope that my first impulse was the right one.

  3. Zoey’s mom,

    I think it’s awful that someone told you that you wouldn’t be the “right” one to welcome a new baby or to encourage new parents, just because Zoey has been through so much. She has definitely had much more than her fair share, and has been through more than anyone should have to go through in her short, sweet life – but I think that makes you MORE, not less, qualified to welcome a new baby to our “family” of kids with special needs, and to encourage new parents, especially parents who are facing NICU stays, possible hospitalizations, and surgery. Who better qualified than you to say, “Yes, it’s tough. But, in the end having our beautiful child is worth every bit of it.” You are right – Zoey exemplifies hope, strength, and possibilities.

    Keep encouraging!


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