Part of our Miracle that I Neglected to Share

It seems like I have come down with a mild cold.

Why is this news blog-worthy?  Well, you see . . . I have not been sick – not even a little bit – for over 2 years.  I haven’t even had the inkling of a cold since we received Matthew’s initial diagnosis when I was 22 weeks pregnant (See Chapter 2 of our story for more details on that).

With every germ that Aaron brings home from work, and through every cold and sniffle and cough that Aaron and both boys have had, I have escaped them all.  I have been sneezed on, coughed on, used as a human kleenex, cleaned up all the other disgusting things that come with mothering sick kids . . . but I have not gotten sick myself.  And, yes, I still kiss my kids and my husband, even when they’re sick.  (o.k., except for the time I wouldn’t let Aaron come home for 3 weeks because he was sick and Matthew was on strict germ precautions prior to heart surgery. . . but that was for Matthew’s safety, not mine!  That story is in the April 2008 archives)

I have been extremely thankful for this divine immunity, but I knew it could not last forever.  God knew that I needed every ounce of strength and health to take care of my family, so He protected me from sickness for the past 2 years.  It is yet another miracle, and I don’t think I’ve shared it on the blog yet.  God has been so great and so generous, giving us things we didn’t even dare to or know to ask for.

Still, this cold is incredibly mild, and I know it could be a lot worse.  I think God is still protecting me – just reminding me, a little bit, to be grateful for all our incredible miracles.


2 thoughts on “Part of our Miracle that I Neglected to Share

  1. It is interesting to read this comment.

    My daughter Annie had trisomy 13. She was mildly afflicted and did not have the common brain and heart defects. Some people don’t realize it, but many of these children live for many years.

    Annie died at the age of 80 days within 24 hours arrival at a world class children’s hospital. Within that time, a DNR was entered without informed consent, lethal quantities of narcotics were removed and the final med report is still missing.

    Nobody has every told us why/how Annie died or why she could not be helped. The Coroner said the care was “not appropriate” and the hospital apologized.

    Since then, I have become an activist. I’ve traveled across the country giving speeches about ethics at major healthcare conferences and had my essays published in many journals. It is non-stop, full time. I can’t get over what they did to my daughter.

    It has been 3.5 years of stress and sleepless nights. I have not had a single sniffle or intestinal bug the entire time. I suppose we are given the health we need to get the job done.



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