Freedom of Choice Act

The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.  That’s the first thing I’d do.”  -President-elect Barak Obama

So . . . just what is the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), and what would it do?

FOCA is a piece of legislation that would eliminate every restriction on abortion nationwide.  If FOCA is passed into law,

  • all restrictions on abortions will be lifted
  • partial birth abortion will again be legal
  • parental notification laws will be nullified, meaning a 12 or 13 year old girl could have an abortion without her parent’s knowledge or consent!
  • more taxpayer dollars will fund abortions
  • faith-based hospitals and facilities will be forced to perform abortions, or face huge penalties
  • eliminates health and safety regulations for abortion clinics
  • state laws restricting or regulating abortions will not longer be valid
  • establishes a fundamental right for abortion, similar to our right to free speech or our right to vote.
  • restricts information of abortion risks and alternatives to be given to women considering abortion
  • restricts funding for pro-life or abortion-alternative organizations

Is this really the kind of change the majority of Americans are hoping to see?  I truly don’t think it is.

Denise Burke, President of Americans United for Life, has written an excellent analysis of the legislation.  Read it here

FOCA supporters would like you to believe that this is legislation that his healthy for women – protecting our rights, freedoms, and equality.  However, eliminating common-sense laws such as parental notification, waiting periods, and safety regulations for clinics is NOT healthy or good for women. 

Denise Burke, President of Americans United for Life, has written an excellent analysis of the legislation – read it here.  To learn more, or to add your name to the “Fight FOCA” petition, visit the Fight FOCA website.

And . . . FOCA is not the only piece of legislation to be pushed in the upcoming months.  Also watch out for the Prevention First Act.  You can read up on it, and keep up to date on other anti-life legislation at the Americans United for Life Action web site.

So . . . what can we do?    Stay tuned . . . I have more posts coming.


4 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice Act

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  2. Well said Amy, and thank you for saying it. I was tempted to copy and paste the whole deal over to my blog! Instead, it challenged me to come up with a few paragraphs of my own, and then I sent people over here. Looking forward to your “what can we do?” posts!

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