Matthew’s Debut

We have been asked to share Matthew’s story at church this Sunday, which is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to tell so many people about Matthew’s miraculous healing, and to share how precious he his to us and how grateful we are for the gift of life in him.  I have the feeling this is only the beginning . . . the first of many times we’ll be sharing this story!

My prayers are these:

  • that we will know what parts of the story are especially important to share (we have about 5 minutes to speak, and I want to use them wisely.)
  • that we make it clear that God has ALL the Glory for Matthew’s healing.  It wasn’t that the doctors were wrong . . . it was that God had different plans for Matthew!
  • that we can share his story in an uplifting, encouraging way
  • that Matthew’s story will help others realize the intrinsic value of every human life

Will you also please pray for our time this Sunday?  I would, once again, appreciate the prayer-cover.

We will be speaking at West Side Baptist* church on Summitview Ave. in Yakima at their 9:00 and 10:45 services.

*Since I am Catholic and Aaron is not, we attend both West Side Baptist and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Yakima.


5 thoughts on “Matthew’s Debut

  1. I wish I could hear you speak. Any chance of video taping and posting it? No matter what, I will add you to my prayer list. Your testimony will be so powerful.

    God bless!

  2. Amy – We will be praying for you! Your family’s testimony is so powerful, and I have no doubt that the Lord will provide all the right words to share. Thank you for being so obedient and sharing your story with others.



  3. We will for sure pray for you to say things they way they need to be heard. Even while we were talking yesterday at gymnastics plus I felt the power of your experiences. Even now thinking about it, it touches my heart deeply. I believe God will fill your mouth with the words that need to be spoken. No matter what you say, I am sure His Spirit will touch everyone who listens.

  4. I didn’t know you guys were going to a Baptist Church! That’s cool. 🙂 I knew you were going to St. Paul’s. I’m excited that you have this opportunity!! GREAT for you to do it, and I’ll definitely be praying for you guys! I’ll be talking about little Matthew and your family again at retreats tomorrow and next Friday–the 8th graders LOVE hearing about him! 🙂 Love you guys–and yes, let’s chat soon!

  5. I too wish I could hear you tell the story. giving God the glory. But know you will be in our prayers as we walk the walk in Walla Walla. Lord, we pray the Holy Spirit will ignite the hearts of those listening and inspire Amy’s words with praise of your faithfulness.
    God is so good. Luv ya much, June

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