Matthew still isn’t feeling his best, but at least he is able to sleep at night now. He is still fighting the ear infections, and has developed a nasty cough to go with them. He’s been wheezing a bit, so he’s getting nebulizer treatments, too. He loves the vibration of the air compressor, and sometimes lays his head on it and looks like, “ahhh. That feels good!”


He has times during the day when he looks miserable, and other times when he’s more himself, working tirelessly to try to stand/walk and practicing all of his new “tricks.” (More on that later – we’re trying to catch some on video!)

Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers. I’m sure he’ll be feeling better soon.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad he’s doing better!

    Hey- I was wondering if you have found any purple little girl hair bows- I think Lillian took them out of her hair at your house. If you find any (I am sure they would seem out of place at your house!), could you let me know? Thanks!

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