Another ER visit

Yesterday, Matthew was, for the most part, his usual happy, playful self.  He was less interested in solid food than usual, but I attributed that to the busyness of our day yesterday.  We hosted another “interview dinner” for Aaron’s work, so my day was filled with preparations, and the evening was full of excitement with our house filled with guests and their kids.  Matthew played happily on the floor with the other little ones, and then fell asleep almost immediately once our house was quiet.

But, he didn’t stay asleep long.  Around 1:00 am, he woke up crying, and didn’t stop.  He was inconsolable – no matter what we tried, he was obviously very uncomfortable.  We tried Tylenol, but he threw it up immediately (he’s never been one for the sickly-syrup taste of medicine).  We tried orajel, since he’s cutting another molar.  We tried singing, rocking, looking at the Christmas lights, but nothing helped.   The only other time he acted like this, we ended up on a MedStar flight to Spokane for emergency surgery.  We knew something was wrong – he was hurting, and we didn’t know where or how to help.

Of course, we feared the worst.  With the surgeries he has been through, we were worried about bowel problems, adhesions, hernias, etc. So, we headed to the ER , where they found he has two raging ear infections.  (Aaron had just commented a couple days ago that Matthew hadn’t had any ear infections, and how unusual that was.)  We’re very grateful it isn’t anything more serious.  After we got him some medicine and ear drops for the pain, he was comfortable and took a 5-hour nap.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the same luxury, but Micah and I took it easy for the rest of the day:


Hopefully we’ll get everyone feeling better and caught up on rest soon.


6 thoughts on “Another ER visit

  1. We’re sorry to hear that you had to make another trip to the ER, but we’re very thankful it was “only” a couple of ear infections!! Hopefully you’ll all get more sleep tonight!

  2. I’m with Shannon–SO glad it’s “ONLY” ear infections!! Sounds like Aaron totally jinxed him. 🙂 Hope he’s feeling better!! And hope you can get some rest soon. You guys are definitely in my prayers. 🙂 I got your Christmas card today–thanks for sending it! Love it! 🙂

  3. Whew…the title scared me! I too am glad to hear that it was “only” an ear infection. Although I know from experience that there is no such thing as ONLY an ear infection. I guess when you compare it to OHS for an av canal defect well….you know what I mean! Take care little Matthew. I hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. Oh Amy, I’m sorry if we contributed to this! I hope that his little ears are feeling better and that you are getting some rest! Let us know if you need anything!

  5. So sorry that happened! I also felt bad that I probably interrupted some of the rest everyone should have been getting . . . I am really glad it wasn’t anything serious, though. Hopefully he will feel better soon!

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