Motor Skills Master

Matthew, again, has made incredible strides (*pun intended!*) with his motor skills.  The last couple weeks, he has been “crawling” on his knees instead of his tummy, and he’s starting to pull himself up to a standing position as well.  Our biggest motivator is still the bath – after we take him out of the tub, he crawls as fast as he can back to the bathroom, and pulls himself up on the side of the bathtub, trying to get back in!

A good friend also lent us a great toy – the “piano,” which is perfect for Matthew to pull himself up to a stand.  The large piano keys on the bottom also make a great “train track” for Micah’s cars!

Matthew’s therapist was here this morning, and was very impressed with how well he’s doing, and the changes she’s seen in just a couple weeks.  She thought the piano toy was perfect, and wanted to know how to get some for Children’s Villiage!  So, if anybody else is looking for a toy to help your little one pull to a stand, it’s called the “Step & Play Piano” from Fischer Price.  It comes with a seat (like an exer-saucer) for younger ones, but we removed the seat for Matthew.

Enjoy the video!


5 thoughts on “Motor Skills Master

  1. He is going to be walking SO soon! You can tell he wants to because he doesn’t use his knees hardly at all already! 🙂 Have fun!

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