A few days ago, we decided to try to teach Matthew to raise his arms up when we say, “How big are you?”  We had heard that the range of motion would be good for his arms, and up until now, he was not really raising his arms above his head.  We were curious to see how long it would take him to learn a new “trick, ” too.  So, we put him in front of a mirror, and helped him raise his arms above his head while we said, “Sooo Big!” and clapped for him.  We showed him 6 or 7 times, then he started doing it on his own!  He loves praise and applause, so he will raise his arms up and clap for himself now!  He especially likes it if he can see himself in a mirror – or even better – his shadow!  We were amazed by how quickly he picked up on this.  Good job, Matthew!  You are Sooo Smart!

The boys and I headed to Walla Walla for the weekend, since Aaron was on call, and Matthew did a LOT of “SOOO Big” with his shadow while we were there.  He even let go of his extreme stranger anxiety for Grandma and Grandpa, and let them hold him and play with him.  It was great!

Here’s a video of some SOOOO Big Shadow Fun!

Kitchen project update:

My pantry is now full:  12 qts pears, 6 qts peaches, and 36 qts applesauce!  Not bad, considering I “didn’t get my canning done this year.”

Also, Micah helped me grind some flour and “scoop” it into my flour container.  It’s a job he loves to help with, and usually does a really great job . . . but this time I had to leave for a minute to take care of Matthew . . . and that flour is just SO tempting to play in!  He came to find me with a face FULL of flour, and asked, “Mommy, does flour taste good?”  Good thing it cleans up easily!

For tomorrow – a truly wordless Wednesday project!


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