Wordless Wednesday

The boys were having fun in Matthew’s crib this morning.  They are starting to really play together, which I love to see.

This week’s project:  Applesauce!

We were blessed with a bunch of apples from a friends orchard, and have spent a lot of time this week making applesauce.  It’s the biggest canning project I’ve tackled all on my own – and I miss my mom!!  We’ve had fun with it, though, and have tried to take things one step at a time.

Monday:  We washed all the apples, then just processed 1 batch.  Micah was a big help washing the apples.  He would go out in the garage to get the apples, then put them in the “wash” sink.  I would scrub them, and put them in the “rinse” sink, where Micah would bob them around for awhile, then take them out and put them in our big red bin.  It was a wet job . . . and Micah doesn’t like wet clothes . . . so . . .

Tuesday:  Lots of chopping and processing.  This is my applesauce set up:  (or, alternatively, “Why my next kitchen will have more counter space!”)

Finished product, read to put in jars:  I’m always amazed by the kitchen-aid attachment, and by how little waste there is.  The bowl on the right is all that we throw away for the amount of sauce on the left – it is really just peels and seeds.

Tuesday night:  chopped the rest of the apples, so they are ready to process today!  I had to take a shelf out of my refrigerator to make room, though.


In other news:  I accidently left an important link off of the My Links post.  In the shuffle of reorganizing the side bar, the Gifts link was left off.  It’s back on now, and I’ve updated the Links post to reflect that.  The book, Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives is one that we have really enjoyed.  It is a collection of 60+ short stories, written by mothers of kids with Down syndrome – all of which are uniquely encouraging.   Libby introduced us to the book, saying “This is what I read on my hard days!.”  Their web site is also very encouraging for families who have a loved one with Down syndrome.  Part of the website is dedicated to personal blogs – they have selected several blogs from families with a child with Down syndrome, and every post from those blogs gets put on their page.  Our blog was recently selected, so from now on, every post that I publish will also be published on the Gifts page!


I know this is far from “wordless . . . ” 🙂  Maybe next week we’ll have a truly wordless Wednesday post.


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