Another Day, Another Milestone

Last night, Matthew was playing on the floor with some toys when he pushed himself back up into a sitting position all by himself!  It is a motor-skills milestone that we had just started to work on.  Way to Go, little one!  Your progress still amazes me.

We celebrated with the boys’ favorite activity:  a Bubble Bath!! 

When you try to taste the bubbles, you get a beard:

Matthew managed to get some bubbles between his eyes, and Micah thought it was so funny that he fell over and got a beard, too. 

Everyone had a good time!  (Notice how nicely Matthew’s scar has faded – only 5 months post-op)

Matthew is also getting really good at pulling himself up to a stand.  He’s not using furniture yet, but he will pull himself up on Aaron or me using only his own power.  He’s proud of himself, too! 

He loves his bath SO much, that he gets really excited if anyone says “bath!”  Most of his gross motor skills, he practices in the bath before he performs them on dry land.  I see a little swimmer in our future!


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Milestone

  1. Very cool! Have you taught the boys the trick of blowing a Santa beard? If you hold a soapy washcloth up to your mouth and blow, it can make a very long beard…just don’t inhale 😉

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