My Fun Day

Hi, everybody!

This is Micah.  I had a really fun day today, and wanted to share some pictures with you.  My daddy didn’t have to go to work today, and he didn’t even have to talk on his phone for work, so we got to have a lot of fun.

First, Daddy and I made his special chocolate-chip cookies.  I helped make little balls with the dough, and then I got to lick the spoon!

Then, we took the cookies to my friend’s birthday party.  The party was a lot of fun!  There were lots of kids to play with, and they had a jumping castle!  I jumped and jumped, and laughed a lot when I fell down.

I got to wear a special birthday hat, and we all sang “Happy Birthday.”  I got to eat cake and ice cream at the Princess table with all the girls!  I really like frosting.

Matthew also had fun.  He liked the hat and frosting, too.

Daddy even wore a hat with us for a little while!

After cake, we all went outside to the pumpkin patch, and got to choose a pumpkin!  This one was ENORMOUS!  I chose a smaller one to take home with me.

They also had a REAL tractor!

It was a fun day, but I’m pretty tired now.  I hope all of you had fun days, too!  Goodnight.




One thought on “My Fun Day

  1. That looks like a fantastic day, Micah! Thank you very much for sharing your pictures and your infectious excitement with us. 🙂

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