I’m personally opposed, but-

Aaron wrote a response to a comment we received on our last post.  It is a response, not just to our friend, but to the many, many people we’ve talked to who share her opinions.

  This is Amy’s husband Aaron.  Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment on our blog.  We really appreciate your honesty and candor, and know that is it hard to be the one to voice opposition.  I know that you don’t know me but I felt compelled to respond. 
I respecfully disagree with you statement that we should not fight for laws to stop abortion because they are based on a belief system.  As Christians we believe that there is an “absolute” right and wrong created by God and whether or not another person believes that or not does not change the fact that something is REALLY wrong.  In fact, many laws are based on belief systems and our country was also founded on the Christian belief system.  Murder is against the law in this country.  Just because another culture or individual believes differently does not make it right.  That idea of “what is right for me is right for me and what is right for you is right for you” is the new age relativism or post modernism that champions the idea of “tolerance” even of practices that are morally WRONG like abortion.  What are we going to “tolerate” next?  There are things we can and should tolerate and others that we need to fight to protect at all costs.  The protection of innocent unborn babies should be first on that list. 
The question of when life begins is not just a religious debate but also a scientific one.  As a doctor, I know that from a biologic point of view, the vast majority of doctors, biologists, and scientists would agree that all the factors that qualify life are found in the unborn fetus.  That is NOT the real question.  The question is the value of that human life.  Once we determine that a human life is not valuable enough to be given the right to live then it is a slippery slope to other important mistakes such as euthanasia and others.  What this is to stop us from saying any other group has no value?  Already the poriton of the population with genetic abnormalities is being eliminated.  What if someone decided that a race of people or a color of people has no value?  Slavery was allowed because blacks were not valued as humans, and was “tolerated” much longer than it should have been because politicans said things like, “I have a duty to represent ALL my consituents, not just the black and religious population.  While I am personally opposed to slavery, and would never own a slave, I cannot impose those beliefs on people who favor white supremacy . . . ”  Hitler’s Germany is another example of good people tolerating bad things.  Lots of Germans were “personally opposed,” but genocide occurs when a entire people are not valued.  Unborn and more specificly unwanted babies are another unvalued group that while it is legal to kill them, is not right and is our duty as Christians and humans to protect.  That is why your arguement of “I am personally opposed but will not impose my beliefs” has no real merit.  It tolerates and aids an immoral practice to continue. 
  As to your thoughts that Republicans view other cultures as evil or less than human, I believe that is a ignorant statement.  Terrorists are criminals who are intent on killing and instilling fear in others and cannot be compared to innocent babies.  Criminals need to be delt with.  Evil does exist and it must be fought. Period.  Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator and we were right to overthow him.  Republicans are not out to mistreat the Arab world or average law abiding people of other countries and cultures.   I lived in the Middle east for 8 years, and most of the Arab people are good people living their lives just like us.  But there are groups of radicals and evil dictators that terrorize, instill fear, and kill without discretion – it is they who must be stopped. Our own freedom depends on it and that is why our sodiers are fighting overseas.  Their stories rarely get told by our liberal media.  My cousin seved a full term in Iraq, and came home upset that the media was not showing any of the good they are doing over there – none of the children’s faces who were thrilled to have a school, or people cheering on the US soldiers as they walked down the streets.  All we see are the twisted accounts of the sorrow of any war.
Aaron Vawter


3 thoughts on “I’m personally opposed, but-

  1. First to comment again? 😉 Go Aaron, go! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you again to both you and Amy for courageously tackling this issue.

  2. Hello…my name is Cathy. I found your blog on Days with Dylan and just figured out how you found Lily’s site. Thank you for the great message you left on her caringbridge site after her surgery for AV canal defect. Thank you also for your wonderful posts. I appreciate how eloquently you both expressed your beliefs. I was shocked beyond belief when I began to research Ds and learned that 9 out of 10 babies with Ds were aborted. God has chosen you and me to be advocates for these babies and I thank you for all you are doing to educate others. May God continue to bless you and your family!

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