Is He Crawling Yet?

Well . . . he gets where he wants to go!  Can you call it “crawling?”  I’m not sure . . .

See for yourself!



The original soundtrack I had was better . . . sorry.  Due to circimstances I can’t control, I had to change it!  If you want the original, I can email it to you. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Is He Crawling Yet?

  1. looks like he’s crawling to me! 🙂 i love your blog. we have a 14-mo-old girl w/ DS. she’s not doing this yet. she scoots, rolls, and swivels to get to what she wants. thanks for sharing!

  2. Adorable!
    Physical Therapists DO call that “crawling”…and the hands and knees position they call “creeping”…even though that’s totally opposite of how the rest of us consider the two terms. So from a physical development standpoint, you definitely have a crawler 😉

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