Our Weekend

Before the weekend arrives, I wanted to share some of the fun we had this past weekend!  (I am running a little behind this week in a lot of ways . . . )

We had a wonderful visit from my family.  My parents, my sister, and my brother and his family all came to visit us in Yakima.  It was really nice to have our whole family together.  We had planned to get together and celebrate birthdays (Matthew and Dominic share a birthday) before Grandpa died, but we decided Grandpa would have wanted us to get together anyway.

And, boy did we celebrate!  We had not one, but two birthday parties (you know us . . . any excuse for ice cream!)  We celebrated Matthew’s and Dominic’s birthdays, and also Matthew’s Baptism Birthday.  (He was baptized on the feast of St. Matthew, Sept. 21st)  We had good, quality family time, and lots of fun playing with the kids.

We had 10 “extra” people here, but it really was fun!  Crazy at times, yes, but fun!   We even managed to can a batch of pears while everyone was here.  (Who me?  Tackle a big project at a crazy time?  Not me!) 🙂  Micah loved playing with all of his cousins, and has asked for them every day since they left.

Here is Aaron with all the cousins:  Left to Right: Marianne (4), Bernadette (8mo), Matthew (12mo), Micah (2) with Catherine (6) peeking over his head, Christopher (2), and Dominic (8).

We always get lots of comments about all the little blondies when we go to church together . . . gee, I wonder why?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More good news today:

The Senate passed the Disability Diagnosis Bill.  This Bill, if it also passes in the House of Representatives, would help provide better up-to-date information and support for parents who receive a prenatal diagnosis of a disability.  It is supported by people on both sides of the abortion debate, but, as I understand it, is intended to provide information regarding support for families raising a child with a disability, and alternatives to abortion, including a registry for families willing to adopt these children if their birth parents do not feel they can raise them.

Click here for Patricia Baur’s full article, but here is an exerpt:

Sen. Brownback, who passionately opposes abortion, has portrayed the measure as an effort to save the lives of babies with Down syndrome. “To deny children with disabilities a chance at life will make us more insensitive, callous and jaded, and will take away from the diversity of American life,” he said in remarks on the Senate floor last week. “I don’t think this is what we were meant to do.”

I’m not sure how much impact this bill will have, but I’m encouraged by Sen. Brownback’s attitude, and encouraged that other senators agreed that it was worthwhile.  It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’m working on “Chapter 4,” as well as a post regarding current political issues . . . but like I said, I’m running behind on everything this week!   Also, these are more difficult posts for me, and I keep running into my old nemesis: Perfectionism.  I need to constantly remind myself what the Flylady says:

“The stinking thinking that we just can’t do something because we don’t have time to do it the “right” way keeps our homes and lives in clutter and CHAOS.”

(click here for more Flylady) 

I really have enjoyed writing, which has surprised me.  It has been fun to share our story, and all of the responses we’ve gotten have been very encouraging.  I’m just having trouble finding time recently! 

So, if all of you will keep forgiving my imperfections, I will keep posting. I can do anything . . . 15 minutes at a time.  Thanks, Flylady!


One thought on “Our Weekend

  1. No worries Amy, with all that’s been going on this month for you it’s understandable to be a little behind. So don’t worry about us, take your time. Your avid readers will wait patiently and understand :).

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