Matthew’s evaluation today

Matthew had an evaluation at Children’s Village today to see if he would benefit from any of their services.  They offer speech, physical, and occupational therapy, along with all kinds of great services for kids with special needs.  The therapists were wonderful, and evaluated Matthew on everything from motor skills, cognitive abilities, and social skills to his ablility to eat and chew food.

. . . and he did great!

They scored his abilities like most standardized tests.  Matthew was compared to thousands of “normal” (read: healthy kids with no chromosomal abnormalities) 12-month-olds.  Anything within one standard deviation of the 50th percentile is considered “normal.”

Matthew scored “Normal” or “Above normal” in EVERY CATEGORY except motor skills.  His cognitive abilities, problem solving, social interactions  . . . everything except motor skills . . . were “Normal” – meaning right on-track with kids who don’t have Down syndrome or heart problems!

The therapists were very impressed with our little Matthew – with how well he is doing and how far he has come in such a short time.  They complimented his progress since surgery, and his ability to learn quickly.  We knew he was doing well, but it’s nice to have “doing well” qualified and confirmed by the experts.  And, I’m not sure we realized he was doing that well!

Matthew, your Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

We will start some physical therapy sessions every-other-week to help work on his motor skills.  The therapists said that some of his delay is due to the fact that he is just a tiny little guy – his hands are still just too small to do some of the things they look for, and he’ll need to build some muscle-mass . . . but I’m looking forward to learning how to better help him with these things.

And, yes – we’re still talking about the same baby – the one that was given a 0% chance of survival!


3 thoughts on “Matthew’s evaluation today

  1. Wonderful!! Though of course we all think that Matthew is way beyond “normal.” He’s extrordinary! And he’s fantastic, amazing, blessed, beautiful… and so very very special.

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