Don’t swim in there. . .

We had a wonderful time visiting Aaron in Seattle this week.  Since Aaron had Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday off, we got to spend a lot of time together as a family, and had so much fun!  We went to the zoo and the aquarium, and Micah has not stopped talking about either one since!  He made lots of friends, especially at the aquarium, because he talks to EVERYONE, and talks A LOT!  (Gee, where does he get that from?)

He was telling everyone, “LOOK!  There are FISH in there!  See, people?  See the fish?  Don’t swim in there.  That’s fish water!

We’re glad we have kids so that we can go to all these fun places, too. 🙂

. . . .

One more “Micah funny”:

We got some junk mail today that had some Disney stickers, which I gave to Micah.  He was very excited, and said, “What did the Mail Man bring me?”

“Stickers!  The Mail Man brought you stickers! Those are way better than bills, aren’t they?” I answered.

He said, “Did Bill get stickers, too?”


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