Fun on the Farm

We just returned from a long trip . . . and it is really good to be home again!  We were gone for more than 2 weeks, so we’re busy catching up and resting up.

We went to Aaron’s family’s cabin on lake Coeur d’ Alene and had a wonderful, relaxing, much-needed family vacation.  The boys (all 3 of them!) had a lot of fun swiming, splashing, and playing on the beach.

Then, Aaron headed to Seattle for his next rotation, and I continued on to Montana with the boys and my mom.  We went there to help care for my grandparents, as my grandma broke her arm 6 weeks ago and has needed extra help since then.  It was exhausting, but the boys did really well in the car, and Micah loved the farm.  He loved the animals, the trucks and tractors, and most of all the “kitties.”  He helped with the chores of feeding the chickens and the farm cats, and he was able to ride in a “real combine” as my uncle was harvesting barley while we were there.

Matthew got his 1st tooth while we were gone, and he also said “Mama” for the 1st time!  He is still not “crawling,” but he is able to scoot himself forward quickly enough that he can get to what he is after in no time at all!

My mom holding Matthew:

Micah loved the “real tractors!”

My grandma reading to Micah and the kitty:

Micah’s new best friend:

“Look, Grandma!  Chickens AND kitties!”

Keeping Great-Grandma company:

Great-Grandpa’s hat and boots:

Micah in a field of barley.  I like the way it matches his hair!  Yes, he was wearing a parka even though it was August.  It was 50-degrees and windy, but the sky was beautiful!

Sitting in Great-Grandpa’s Semi:

Playing with the kittens:

Matthew enjoyed the Kitty, too.  It turns out Ace was a strong motivator for Matthew to scoot forward!


2 thoughts on “Fun on the Farm

  1. Fun!! Geez, I can’t get over how much Micah looks like Aaron!!! Amy, your babies are SO stinkin’ cute!! 🙂 Seriously. Looks like your vacation was amazing–my vacations were to Montana and to the Spokane area this summer, too!

    Happy almost-birthday to Matthew…hard to believe he’s almost a year old, huh?

    Miss you guys!

  2. Amy and Aaron, It was slow at the office for me today. Thanks Aaron for showing me this site. My Heart is filled with such joy for You, Amy, Micah and Matthew. God is good, God is good all the time. What a blessing Matthew has been, He is such a beautiful baby Boy, a miracle and blessing from God. The strenght that I feel from your heart on Gods loves is WOW. Thankyou for sharing all that you have. You are in always in our families prayers. Debbie H CWFM

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