15lbs, 1oz

Matthew’s appointment with our pediatrician went very well on Wednesday.  He’s up to 15lbs, 1oz!  That is good growth, and puts him within the “normal” range for boys with Down Syndrome.  She was very pleased with his development, too.  He grabbed her thumbs and pulled himself up to standing, and she said, “That’s normal development for any 10-month old!  Way to go, Matthew!”  She is also setting us up with Children’s Villiage here in Yakima, to evaluate Matthew to see if he would benefit from any special speech or physical therapy.

Even since Wednesday, Matthew has continued to develop at an amazing pace.  He is quite mobile now, and can move all over the place by moving a pivoting.  Aaron and I have both been surprised by how well and how quickly he can do this!  He’s started to get up on his hands and knees more, too.  I really think he’ll be crawling before we know it.

Both the boys came down with a cold over the weekend, though.  (We spent the weekend up at Snowqualmie pass with some friends – I will write more about that and add some pictures later.)  Micah is doing well, but Matthew is pretty fussy and miserable.  This is his first cold since surgery, though, and the first time we can just say, “Oh well – he has a cold, poor guy.”  This is the first illness that he hasn’t needed oxygen and a feeding tube – and the first time that we haven’t feared that this virus could take his life.  Yes, he has a cold, but he’ll be o.k.

We have our appointment with the cardiologists this afternoon, and will let you know what we learn.


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