4 weeks after surgery

Matthew had his 4-week post-op doctor’s appointment today.  Everything regarding the surgery looks great, and he is up to 14lbs, 5oz!

One of the main things we talked about was his feeding and nutrition goals.  Our pediatrician said that the latest research is saying that these little ones who are force-fed high calorie formula are very prone to obesity later.  She said that a feeding goal for a normal baby his size on normal formula would be 24 oz/day, but since Matthew is on high-calorie formula, he would be o.k. if he only got 20 oz/day.

When the nutritionists calculated his goal, they calculated his minimum requirements, then added some more calories for recovering from surgery, more calories because his heart was still working a little extra, and a bunch more calories to try to have him “catch up” on the growth charts.  But, he is now pretty well recovered, and his heart is working quite well.  And, he is proportionally sized (height and weight), even though he’s still a little guy.

So, this means that we can stop stressing about how much he eats, stop pushing food on him when he doesn’t want it, and (best of all!) stop waking him up at night to feed him!  It also means that we are free to give him more and more solid foods (which he loves).  We’ll just continue to monitor his weight.  As long as he is gradually gaining weight, we won’t have to worry about it.

This makes so much sense to me, and is really what I was feeling was the right thing to do, anyway.  It’s always hard when your gut feeling contradicts what the experts have told you, though.  When I mentioned this to our doctor, she said, “Amy, how many times have the doctors and ‘experts’ been wrong about Matthew?  But, you’ve always known the right thing to do.”

So, now we can relax a bit, and get some sleep.  (At least, the kids and I will get some sleep – Aaron is on his OB rotation this month and won’t be sleeping very much.)


3 thoughts on “4 weeks after surgery

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  2. Yay!! This is GREAT news!!! See, Amy, God was right when He was trying to get the message through to you not to worry (He usually is, you know!!). 🙂 I’m soooooo happy for you guys. And glad to hear he’s still doing great. 🙂 Yay for finally getting some sleep!!

  3. Dr. Vawter this is Jen one of the nurses on tele. Just wanted to tell you how truly happy I am that Matthew is doing sooo wonderful!!! He is so sweet, it was so nice to finally meet him. God is so good, and my faith is so strengthened by this. I have prayed a lot since I heard about Matthew. Thank you for sharing Matthew’s story with me!!!!

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