A Year Ago This Week. . .

One year ago this week, Aaron and I were in Seattle seeing the perinatologists and pediatric cardiologists for the first time. One year ago, we learned about Matthew’s heart conditions, his Down Syndrome, his possible kidney and brain abnormalities, and his two club feet. One year ago, the doctors told us there was no hope for our child – he simply would not live. His defects were unrepairable and “incompatable with life.” And, one year ago this week, doctors urged us to abort our child. When we would not abort, they pushed us to “induce labor early,” to save me from “suffering” through the rest of my pregnancy . . . but so early that our son could not possibly survive.

Thank God we listened to HIM and not to those doctors! We cannot express how thankful we are for our Matthew – our smiling, happy, laughing, playful little Miracle!

Only 3 weeks after open heart surgery, he’s better than ever! His heart healed itself in miraculous and wonderous ways, with surgery doing the rest. It is now working wonderfully! His kidneys and brain never had any problems, and his club feet corrected themselves.  And, he hasn’t needed to be fed with a tube since surgery, because he’s eating well on his own.

He loves to read books, play with toys, “bap” his big brother, roll around, grab his toes, and he really loves his bath! But, most of all, he loves to be held and cuddled, talked to and sung to, and loved to pieces.

Thanks again to everyone who has loved him, prayed for him, and held us up in love and hope for the past year!


2 thoughts on “A Year Ago This Week. . .

  1. I am in awe at your faith and the wonderful miracle that Matthew is. His story has been so inspiring to follow and I cannot believe how far your little family has come in one year! There is no way to keep from praising God for his tender mercies when you know such miracles exist! Love you guys!

  2. I will never forget that week…seeing your family and the strength you had right after receiving that news impressed me beyond words! Your faith then, and throughout the last year, has been more of an inspiration than you could ever know!
    What an amazing year and an amazing journey…here’s to many more wonderful and happy years!

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