2 Weeks after Surgery

Matthew’s surgery was only 2 weeks ago!!  We really thought we would still be in the hospital at this point.  Matthew really couldn’t be doing any better.  He continues to eat well, and he is happy and playful most of the time.  He still has some gas-pain spells every now and then, but they are less frequent and don’t seem to last as long.  Matthew is becoming more and more vocal, making lots of cooing sounds and motor-boat noises.  (The motor-boat makes for some messy meal times!)

He had an appointment with his cardiologist yesterday.  He said Matthew looked great, and cut back on his medications.  He’s still on Digoxin twice daily, but the Lasix and Potassium (the yucky ones) are only once daily now instead of 3x/day!  Hooray!

We went to “Kid’s Castle” today with some friends – what a fun place!  We hadn’t been there before, but we will definitely be back.  Micah had so much fun!  There were big slides, tunnels, and 3 ball-pits (his favorite!).  Micah had never been in a big vat of colored balls before today – what more does a 2 1/2 year old need?  He’s taking a good nap now. 🙂


4 thoughts on “2 Weeks after Surgery

  1. We’re so happy to hear that you are all doing well, and that Matthew is still recovering quickly. Sending you much love and prayers, we can’t wait to see you!!!

  2. We are so thankful that Matthew is doing so well. What a gift from God. I love your blog so that we are kept informed on the whole family and Matthew’s progress. Ric and I are getting ready to leave for Viet Nam on a Medical Mission ..Training the Viet Nam Doctors in various eye surgeries.
    We look forward to the day that we get to meet Matthew and to see little Micah again. Hugs and prayers..Connie

  3. OH my word!!! We were like wondering when the surgery was…we thought it was at the end of May and then asked Anita for the web page and we are SO AMAZED that he is done..!! Our prayers have been with you the whole time from Benedict!!!and our family
    The Wolperts

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