“That look”

It is really wonderful to have Aaron home this week – we are all enjoying the time together.

I went out to do a couple errands this afternoon while the boys were napping, and a funny thing happened while I was at Costco.  An employee saw me shopping and said, “Now, that’s the way to shop – all by yourself, without the little helpers along!”

My initial reaction was a smile, and I said, “Yes, it is nice.”

Then, I thought, Wait a minute! How does he know I’m a mom? So, I asked him how he knew I usually shopped with little helpers.

He said, “Oh, I don’t know – you just have that look.”

THAT LOOK! What look?  I quickly checked myself for any spit-up on my shoulder or “Lightning McQueen” stickers on the back of my pants . . . nope.  I guess I just have that “mom” look now.

When I came home, the boys were awake.  Micah crawled up into my lap while I was holding Matthew, and we had a good, long snuggle.  Micah looked up at me and said, “Mommy has two boys.”  Yes, Mommy has two boys, and there really is nothing I’d rather be than “mom” right now.


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