Some Pictures

We are really enjoying being out of the hospital.  Matthew slept great last night – he was so grateful to finally have some uninterrupted sleep!  He’s still doing wonderfully well – eating well, getting some peaceful sleep, laughing and playing while he’s awake.

In the hospital the night before surgery:

Last night right after we got home from the hospital:

This morning, I wanted to get a good picture of the boys.  This isn’t quite what I had in mind, but if “good” means “accurate representation,” then these are quite good:

Earlier this week, Micah wanted to wear Bubbi’s reading glasses and “work like Bubbi does.”  It was pretty cute.


4 thoughts on “Some Pictures

  1. Hello my sweet Vawters! We’ve been terrible about letting you know, but Ana and I have kept up on everything and we’ve continued to pray for you. We’ve been missing on all of you, but the boys especially. We’re so excited to see you when you get back. I have friends in five states praying for you. All our love. XO ~Nani

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