Mr. Hungry Pants

We were mentally prepared for another nasogastric tube or even a gastric feeding tube when we came to the hospital for this surgery. He has never been a good eater and we were told that it often takes a child a while to get his appetite back after heart surgery. We have been pleasantly surprised! Matthew has been eating very well. He is taking more now than he was prior to the procedure – he’s eating better than he ever has only 4 days after surgery! It seems that now that his heart is fixed he has more energy for feeding! Our hopes are up that we can be done with tube feedings.

Mother’s Day and our 6 yr anniversary has been a little unorthodox this year but we have had some time together and will make plans for a getaway for the two of us when things calm down in the future.

If everything continues to go well tonight and tomorrow then the doctors may discharge him tomorrow. We will stick around in Spokane for a few days just to be on the safe side before returning to Yakima. We will update everyone again tomorrow. Good night!



2 thoughts on “Mr. Hungry Pants

  1. We’re so happy to hear that Matthew is eating well and recovering quickly. Hopefully he can be discharged today and you can spend your time together as a family rather than splitting shifts at the hospital.
    Love and prayers,
    Shannon and Jim

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