Mother’s Day

Matthew is doing really well.  He had a great afternoon yesterday – feeling good, eating really well, and enjoying some visits from friends and family.

He did the strangest thing yesterday, though – something that I can only remember him doing a few times in his lifetime, and every time it has caught me off-guard and surprised me.  He cried because he was hungry!  It took me a while to figure out what was wrong, because he had eaten well only 2 hours before!  I realize that when most babies become fussy, feeding them is one of the first things their mothers try.  But, with Matthew, we have had to coax him to eat, calculating every calorie to make sure he is getting enough, and tube-feeding what he won’t take from the bottle.  He’s never hungry!  Anyway, it is a great sign of recovery, and a great sign that we may not need to tube feed anymore!!!  Hurray!!!!

The night was very much interrupted with breathing treatments every 2 hours in addition to the regular hospital interruptions.  Neither Matthew nor I got much sleep, but Matthew did very well medically.

He’s still eating very well, and it looks like we’ll be done with the hospital very soon.  The doctor hasn’t made it around to see him yet today, but we’ll see what this morning’s chest X-ray looks like and see what he says.

It is very much a Blessed Mother’s Day/Anniversary with Matthew doing so well.  We never dreamed he would be nearly ready to be released from the hospital only 4 days after surgery!!


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Anniversary Aaron and Amy! Amy-Happy Mother’s Day! You are an amazing woman of strength and truly deserve to be celebrated today!
    I am so thankful you both are enjoying the amazing gift of healing Matthew is receiving!
    Take care and much love to you all!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Amy!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Way to go Matthew, keep up the good healing!
    We love you guys!

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