Resting comfortably

Matthew had a rough morning, but a restful afternoon and evening today. He looks great, and is able to sleep peacefully now. I spent the afternoon with him today. He woke up for just a little bit, ate 3 oz, then fell back to sleep. He even slept through a percussion breathing treatment.

He still has quite a bit of fluid retention, including water around his lungs, so they stopped his IV fluids to avoid fluid overload. They are also hoping that it will encourage him to eat more on his own. His doctor was very pleased with the amount he ate today, and is quite optimistic that Matthew may not need a feeding tube. He is willing to be patient and wait for Matthew to “ramp up” his feeds on his own, and is hopeful that Matthew’s “new” heart will make eating easier for him once he is recovered.

Matthew only has an oxygen cannula, the IV line (that is not being used right now), and his monitor leads. All of the other tubes and wires came out today (which is the reason we had a traumatic morning). He looks great. His oxygen has been turned up a little bit (to 1/2 L) with the recent lung issues, but that is still not a high level for a guy his size. His chest X-ray has improved a little as well.

We’re going to get some rest tonight – tomorrow we will start taking turns staying in the hospital with Matthew. Once he is on the intermediate floor, one of us needs to be with him 24/7. We don’t mind it, but it can be exhausting.

This web site has had 2,058 hits since Matthew’s surgery.  Thank you for thinking of us that much!  It means a lot to us.  Keep up the prayers!


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