Echocardiogram report

We just received a call with the report of this afternoon’s echocardiogram.

His repair looks great – the patch and the valves are holding up very well.  His left ventricle is not functioning as well as they had hoped, however.  It is weak, and not pumping the volume of blood it needs to.  They are giving him more diuretic medicine to take water off and ease the work load of the heart.  They are also giving him a medicine (Digoxin) to help his heart beat stronger.

We’ll get more details from the cardiologist tomorrow.  We don’t know if this is something that will improve with time and healing, but we hope so.


2 thoughts on “Echocardiogram report

  1. May the Lord who loves the little children SO much continue to shower his healing blessings on Matthew, that his heart may be whole and strong and that he may continue to grow in grace, love, and strength. May his Mommy and Daddy never give up hope for his wondrous, blessed, and glorious future.

  2. Thank you so much for updating this so frequently. It truly is the highlight of my day to see how Matthew is doing. I’ll keep praying that the recovery continues to go well and that his left ventricle gets stronger. Big hugs to all of your family. My prayers go out to you and Aaron as well, to keep being such strong parents and to Micah, to continue being the strong older brother.

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