Tucked in for the night

Matthew has made incredible progress for his first day after surgery.  His nurse today said that he is “sailing through this, making it look easy.”  His fever crept up again a little bit this afternoon, but then returned to normal.  The initial tests (Gram stain) on the secretions they were worried about came back normal, too.  The final culture results take a couple days, but we’re not expecting any problems.

He will most likely be moved out of the PICU and onto the intermediate pediatric floor either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning.  This is much sooner than we anticipated, but he’s doing that well!  He is only requiring a little bit (1/4 L) of oxygen, and he eagerly drank another 4oz of formula for us this evening before going right back to sleep. He will have more tubes, drains, and wires removed tomorrow morning.

It has been really good to hold him and feed him today.  Most of the time he just sleeps comfortably and peacefully.  His pain is well controlled and his nurses take excellent care of him.

Micah continues to have fun with his grandparents and lightens our spirits when we are around him.  He was playing with little plastic animals this afternoon (his favorite!), and we heard the Mommy elephant tell the baby elephant, “Mommy is going to the hopital.  Give Mommy a kiss bye-bye.”  The baby elephant obediently kissed his mother, then went back to playing with the plastic baby Rhino.


2 thoughts on “Tucked in for the night

  1. Micah sounds so much older than he is! Isn’t it amazing how the older siblings handle these things. I bet he takes good care of his mommy and daddy too! I know all three of mine have been so helpful as I near the end of pregnancy #4!
    HUGS for a day full of blessings!

  2. We are so happy to hear that Matthew is doing so well. We appreciate all the updates you have posted. We print the latest web posts to give to Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Treis. We are thinking of you and hope for Matthew’s quick recovery.

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