No More Fever

Matthew’s fever has resolved.  Thank you, Lord!  Thank you, Prayer Warriors!  An infection would have really set him back.

Aaron was with him for the afternoon.  He said Matthew was fussy, but calmed down as soon as he was given bottle.  The plan was to give him just 2oz to see how he did with it, but Matthew cried so much when they took the bottle away that they gave him another 2oz!  He sucked that down really quickly, and then cried some more, so they gave him a little more and he fell asleep.  Aaron said that was the only time he cried – other than that he was resting and comfortable.

This is good news for several reasons:

  • We am so thankful that Matthew is able to communicate his needs to his nurses.  After his last surgery, he was not strong enough to let them know when he was uncomfortable
  • We are thankful he is showing an interest in food this early!  Feeding has always been an issue with him.  His desire to eat, his eagerness to eat, and the vigor with which he attacks the bottle are great signs!
  • A little bit of crying (but not too much!) is good for him at this point.  It opens up and clears his lungs, and will aid in the whole recovery process

The recovery process for the next few days is measured, in a way, by how many tubes and wires he can get rid of.  They removed his arterial line early this afternoon, so that’s one more step in the right direction!


3 thoughts on “No More Fever

  1. What a journey. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Matthew while he is here on Earth.
    He is soooo cute. I told your mom last night that I just want to put him in my pocket!
    Keep on lovin’ on him.
    Heather and Gregg and kids

  2. Amy and Aaron…It’s been too long since we have e-mailed or anything! Theresa shared your blog with me and I wanted to let you know you have a family of 5 (almost 6) in Central Oregon praying for you as well! I didn’t know much about Matthew’s story, but I’m all caught up now. May God continue blessing you and your little bundle and his big brother too! I look forward to hearing more miraculous news!

  3. Amy and Aaron,

    God bless you and little Matthew. We are very grateful for the good news and great progress.

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