Morning Report

I talked with Matthew’s nurse this morning, who said that he had a restful, comfortable night, and was doing very well. They have slowly weaned the ventilator, and are hoping to be able to turn it off sometime this morning. He is doing well breathing for himself, for the most part, and his blood gases (oxygen levels, etc) are “perfect.”

I was looking through some old pictures, and was struck, again, by how far Matthew has come. He’s a long way from our little 4-pounder who was too weak to eat and too weak to cry. Here he is at 1 week old:

He has gotten so strong and is such a fighter now. Recovery won’t be easy, but he can do it!

And, while I’m adding pictures, here are a couple more just because. Thanks again to Holly Perona for the portraits!!


4 thoughts on “Morning Report

  1. This is all great news! We have been thinking about your family all day and night, and glad to hear things are going well. The pictures are beautiful. Sending our love, Brian-Erica-Gracie

  2. I am sooo excited to hear the great news. Yes what a miracle! The pictures are awesome. I will call to see if we can come visit. I don’t know how long he will be in ICU or NICU. Marissa is coming over this weekend. Bre’s B-Day is tomorrow. Might be able to come down either Fri or Sat. if it’s not too soon. My cell is 998-7149. Let me know! Mindy

  3. I was just telling this sweet little Hispanic nun I work with (Sr. Juana) about Matthew and showing her your website, and she said, “That just goes to show, don’t challenge God. You tell him a baby won’t make it, and He says “Bring it on.” ” Her other observation was this: “God is making things happen slowly, one at a time, with this baby so He can show us, and the doctors, what He can do and so we can believe in these miracles.” I thought that might be something cool for you to hear. 🙂

    I’m so glad to hear everything’s going so well! You guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Go Matthew!! 🙂

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