Matthew is off the ventilator now – he was extubated around 10:15 this morning.  They pulled out his oro-gastric tube at the same time, so now all he has on his face is an oxygen cannula.  He looks great, and is doing very well breathing on his own.

I was able to hold him for a long time this morning, too.  I didn’t think we’d be able to hold him this soon after surgery, but it was really nice to have him in my arms again.  When he’s awake he squirms a lot – kicks his legs, moves his arms, and pulls at his tubes.  He is definitely more able to let everyone know when he is unhappy, and his nurses are doing a great job of staying on top of his pain medicine and keeping him comfortable.

He drank a bottle of water this morning, and if he does well with that he can start having some formula later today.

The only concern with him is that he does have a mild fever.  His temperature started rising around midnight last night, and has stayed around 101.5 even with Tylenol.  He had some thick secretions from his endotrachial tube that they are sending for studies, just in case.  Dr. Anderson (cardiologist) is not too concerned at this point.  He said kids sometimes get a fever after surgeries like this due to the shock on his body.  If the fever persists into the afternoon and evening, he will get more antibiotics. (He does have  routine, surgery antibiotics now)

Dr. Anderson commented on Matthew’s amazing healing, and also said, “Matthew is going to make us re-write the cardiology textbooks.  It just goes to show that you can never be completely confident in this job – there is always something you don’t know.”  His nurse told me that Dr. Anderson was telling her about Matthew, and said, “Someone needs to write a book about Matthew.  You know, sometimes we talk about miracles in a casual sense, but this kid is a real, true Micracle.  He has done incredible things.”

Thank you, Dr. Anderson.  He is a miracle, and he has done incredible things, and we expect a lot more incredible things from him.


4 thoughts on “Extubated

  1. What great news to hear how well he is progressing. Able to be held and maybe even be feeding soon. Praise God for the little miracle boy that Matthew is. We are praying the fevers are just post-op and will resolve soon and he will continue to show his strength and start eating soon.

  2. Our continued prayers for Matthew and for all of you — for healing, rest, and peace. We love you.
    Ken & Danielle & family

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