Cardiologist update 9:25 AM

Matthew’s cardiologist, Dr. Burg, just came to talk to us and she brought good news.

She performed a trans-esophageal echocardiogram before surgery, to get the best pictures possible of Matthew’s heart before the surgery began.  She said there were some changes since his last echocardiogram which will change the course of the surgery a little bit.

His AV canal defect has healed itself even more.  His VSD (hole between the bottom chambers of the heart, which is the most significant, would cause the most problems) has closed up significantly, and may now be “trivial.”  They will know more when the surgeon actually sees his heart.  Dr. Burg said his ASD (hole between the top chambers) is huge, so they will patch that, and they will split the valve, but they may not even patch the VSD.  She said this is good news, because if they do not patch the VSD and put stitches in that area of the heart, he has a much better chance of not damaging the conduction system of the heart, and not needing a pacemaker.  It makes the surgery less complicated, which is always a good thing.

She also said his lungs were “very wet,” meaning it’s a really good thing we’re having this surgery done now.  This was the best timing for the surgery to give him the best chance possible – he is well and strong, with the heart problems not causing too many difficulties for his lungs yet.  If we waited much longer, he could have gotten really sick.

I can’t say we’re surprised . . . Matthew never ceases to amaze us!  The power of prayer is truly incredible – our baby boy who was dying is now doing better than anyone imagined.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.  We are overwhelmed by the number of people viewing this web site today and praying for us!  Thank you for your comments; we enjoy reading them.  Thank you for your love and your continuing prayers.


3 thoughts on “Cardiologist update 9:25 AM

  1. This is such good news!! God’s watching out for you guys, and we’re all praying. God bless ALL of you, especially little Matthew.

  2. Shows what doctors know, huh! 🙂
    Amazing how much his little heart knows just how to grow and improve as much as possible on its’ own to prepare for this big day.
    What great news!

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