4:00 PM – Rest

Aaron and I were able to see Matthew in the NICU not long after our last post.  He actually looked pretty good.  He has lots and lots of tubes and wires, but when we saw him, he was already pacing his own heart and did not need the pacer anymore.  He looks so much bigger and stronger than the last time he was laying in the PICU bed, only 6 weeks ago.  The nurses were still busy getting him settled in, testing labs, etc.  He was bleeding a little more than they wanted, so he was getting some platelets and clotting factors.  (Thank you to all who donate blood – Matthew has needed blood and platelets today, and may need some plasma as well.)

His Chest X-ray immediately after surgery already shows improvement from the X-ray last night.  The doctor let us look at it, and even we could see that his heart looks smaller and his lungs look clearer.  They are talking about possibly taking him off the ventilator as soon as this evening, depending on how he is doing!

We came back to Aaron’s parent’s house, and spent some quality time snuggling Micah.  He was happy to see us, and sat on my lap and read lots of books.  It was nice to relax and have some fun with Micah for awhile.

We will head back to the hospital this evening to check on Matthew again.


3 thoughts on “4:00 PM – Rest

  1. We praise and thank God for all the blessings and miracles he has given us with Matthew. That little guy has touched countless hearts. What a tremendous witness to the goodness of God, to the blessing of the gift of life, and to the power of prayer. Of course, we continue our prayers for all of you! We love you! Mom

  2. Our thoughts are prayers are still with Matthew and your family as he now begins the recovery process. We are so thanksful for how well he has come through everything God sure does make miracles happen and has proven that with all he has done to get Matthew this far.

  3. My prayers have been with you since Matthew’s birth and today more than ever. What a beautiful miracle you journey each day.

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