11:50 AM – “Beautiful Result”

We just spoke with the Cardiologist who was with Matthew during surgery doing the echocardiograms.  The sugeon is just finishing up now, and she said that they had a “beautiful result.”  Matthew’s heart is beating on it’s own now, and doesn’t look like a pacemaker will be needed.  She said that the valves were a little more complex than they expected, but the repair looks good with good flow and no restrictions.  They did not have to put in a patch between his ventricles (VSD) because he only had two tiny “pin-holes” and the defect will continue to fill in and close on its own.  They patched his atrial defect without problems.  

We will continue to wait for the surgeon to finish and come talk to us.  We are hoping to see him in another 1-2 hours in the PICU.

We are thankful that everything went so well, and we will keep updating as we know more.


9 thoughts on “11:50 AM – “Beautiful Result”

  1. Oh, guys, this is such amazing news!!! I’m sooooo happy for all of you!! What a little fighter you have!

    You guys are incredible to be so awesome at keeping the rest of us updated on his progress even while you’re probably going crazy waiting for news. Thanks for keeping everyone posted!

    Sounds like it couldn’t have gone much better. Yay! Praise God for that. He sure is smiling down on your family. So cool. Thank God for miracles!! Be strong, and know how much you are all loved and prayed for! God bless!

  2. Praise be to God! Julia, Jack, and I just fot home from mass to offer up prayers for little Matthew. We love you!

  3. So I am totally excited and crying at work. I am so happy for you and Matthew. Lots of prayers out for you and your family. What a miracle !!!

  4. Praised be Jesus Christ! Way to go, baby Matthew! We’ll keep praying that all continues to go well. We love you all very much.

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