Arrived in Spokane

We arrived in Spokane late this afternoon. Aaron and I drove separately just in case Aaron needs to go back to work in Yakima before we’re able to go home. Both boys did well in the car, but unfortunately Matthew pulled out his feeding tube.

We took the opportunity to give Matthew a bath, and to take some “tube free” pictures before his surgery. He was so happy to have the tube out and to be out of his car seat – he grinned and cooed and played for a long time.

We’ll take tomorrow to get settled and enjoy some family time, then check into the hospital Tuesday early-afternoon.


5 thoughts on “Arrived in Spokane

  1. Cute pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 It was wonderful talking to you yesterday.

  2. I love, love, love the new pictures…so cute! He looks like he’s ready for surgery. I’m glad you created this blog cause you can always put a smile on my face with your pictures and amazing story. All your family are in my prayers, praying that the surgery goes well and the recuperation as well!

  3. We love you so much Matthew! Big hugs and kisses are coming your way, along with many prayers. We will be anxiously awaiting to hear any news. We love you!!!

  4. Aaron and Amy

    Shannon passed along your update.
    You will be in our prayers,

    Ray and Jan Luse (knew Aaron and Adam as kids in MCV at KFSH, Riyadh)

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