Update 4/20/08

This is Aaron writing today. I was finally able to come home for the weekend. I have been working in Cle Elum, and got sick while I was there. We have been trying hard to not expose Matthew to germs this close to the surgery, so it was 3 weeks before I could come back. It is wonderful to spend time with the family again and Matthew has changed so much! I am spending some time getting to know him again.

Matthew now weighs in at a whopping 12.1 lbs! All those nighttime tube feedings are paying off, and he now has his first fat rolls on his legs. His activity level has increased dramatically and he constantly squirms, plays, and moves. It is great to see him roll over and do so many of the things that healthy babies do. Unfortunately he also manages to pull out his NG tube quite often.  Amy had to replace it last Sunday morning, and again Thursday evening. It is very unpleasant to put it back in again so Amy has been super vigilante about keeping it taped down and his hands away from his face. It will be really nice someday when he can be free of it.

I have one more week out of town, then I will be home for a week to prepare and get ready for the big surgery in Spokane. We went down pretty unprepared last time. (It was a trial run!) Now we have a better idea what we will need and where to go and we hope that will make it an easier transition.

Thanks for all the love and prayers! We will keep updating you as things happen.


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