7 Month Birthday

Matthew is 7 months old today, which is a remarkable milestone for our baby who was given 3-6 months to live. He has been doing exceptionally well, and seems to be fully recovered from his bowel surgery.  His incision looks fantastic – it doesn’t come through very well on the video because it is really just a fine pink line now.  He has more energy, is more active, and more alert and interactive than ever before! (It makes us wonder if the hernia had been there, causing problems, for a long time.)

He had been very close to rolling over for several weeks, but finally did this past week. And, once he got started, there was no stopping him! He is in constant motion while awake now – rolling, moving, reaching, kicking, and grabbing. He has become quite a bit more demanding, too. He lets us know when a toy got away from him, or he’s ready to be rolled back over, or he doesn’t want to be set down. (He generally wants to be held and snuggled at all times, but there are times I have to set him down for a minute!) These are all wonderful milestones for him, and it is so good to see him doing all these “normal” baby things.

Aaron was still too ill to be around Matthew this weekend, although he is starting to feel better. He hasn’t seen Matthew roll over, so we had to make a video for him. 🙂 We really miss him – we’re not used to going 3 weeks without Daddy!

Keeping Matthew’s NG tube in has been a challenge, and replacing it once he pulls it out is an even bigger challenge. We are thankful it will be a temporary part of our lives.

We are so proud of you, Matthew!


5 thoughts on “7 Month Birthday

  1. we have been following your sweet baby boy’s story and praying for him. Praise the LORD for him!
    He’s beautiful, you must be so proud *U*
    ~from another mamma at West Side, Dalyn

  2. I too have been praying for Matthew as well as you and your family. It is exciting to hear how well he is doing. Seeing him roll over was so cute! I will continue to pray for all of you.

  3. HAPPY 7mo BIRTHDAY precious Matthew! We all have so much to celebrate with you and your family! What a joy to see the rollover! Hugs and prayers coming your way!

  4. Amy & Aaron, this is so much fun to see and such an answer to prayer! Our prayers continue for all of you every day and so many of our friends pray for you and Matthew regularly. We are with you in spirit and prayer always. May 7th is circled big on our calendar and we look forward to seeing God continue His work in all of your lives.

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