Tube-Free Day

Big smiles today

We had a great day today. Matthew managed to pull his tube out this morning; but he took all of his formula, and even his medicine, from the bottle, so I haven’t had to put it back in yet. It was really nice to give him a break from the tube and all the tape on his face. We took the opportunity to give him a bath, take some pictures, and just enjoy some tube-free time.

Did I mention that Matthew has discovered his tongue?

My cousins came over this morning, and were very helpful – they stayed with the boys for awhile so I could do some errands, then they helped clean and organize the house!  Thanks!

Aaron is still very sick (fevers, body aches, cough) and will not be coming home this weekend.  Hopefully he will be able to recover over the weekend, and we pray that the rest of us are safe from this bug!


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