5 Kgs!

Matthew weighed in at 5 Kgs exactly (about 11 lbs) today – which is an all-time high for him. It’s great news – he’s gained back everything he lost with this recent illness and surgery, and his body has been able to process all the extra calories we’ve been giving him. He’s packing on weight, just like he is supposed to.

I’m surviving the first week without Aaron. The kids are both doing well, and I’m finally getting to some projects around the house that have been neglected. I started cleaning out the car this evening – it was pretty bad after all our travels – and was starting to stink after the formula incident . . .

On our way back to Yakima, we stopped to feed and change Matthew. He had a massive diarrhea diaper (which is a challenge to change in the car!), then took a few ounces from the bottle, but we had to tube-feed the rest. The feeding tube that was placed in Spokane was slightly different from the ones we had at home – it did not “lock” onto the feeding syringes. So, (we found out) if a person forgets to hold the two pieces together, they can slip apart! A spray of formula shot up, hitting the top of the car and covering us with a fine mist of Enfamil 24cal! It wasn’t a large amount, but most of it landed on Matthew’s sweet little face. He didn’t cry, but looked up at us with his big, blue expressive eyes – half frightened, half confused, and absolutely covered in formula.  Aaron and I looked at each other, and for a split second, didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. But, then we both burst out laughing and cleaned everyone up the best we could. It was the first time we’d really laughed together in a long time. When Matthew pulled out his tube a couple days later, we replaced it with the locking kind!

Aaron has been working in CleElum all this week, and has come down with a nasty cough today.  So, it’s likely that he won’t be coming back for the weekend – we can’t expose Matthew to anyone who’s sick.  It’s difficult when his Daddy is around sick people all day long!  But, other than that, Aaron says work is going well, and he’s enjoying uninterrupted nights of sleep!


2 thoughts on “5 Kgs!

  1. Amy, you inspire me in every way…as a mother..a wife…and as a christian. Zeb and I pray for you, Aaron, Micah and Matthew. What a beautiful family you have. Love in Christ-jenni

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