Friday, March 28th

We received some good news this morning!  While we were in the hospital with Matthew, someone from their financial department helped us apply for federal aid for him.  She said the application would be processed faster through her, and would have a better chance of being accepted since they would have access to his medical records.  She wasn’t kidding!  We got a call this morning that Matthew will be covered by state health insurance, and they will pay for everything for the past 3 months as well!  It was incredibly fast, and good timing – we also got the MedStar bill today.   Who knew that being air-lifted would cost more than $15,000.00!  This lifts a huge financial burden off our shoulders.

We had an appt. this morning with Matthew’s pediatrician.  He continues to do well, and received his first set of immunizations today.  He hardly fussed at all with the shots, and was smiling again by the time the nurse was putting on the band-aids.  He’s so tough!

We’ve spend today cleaning, organizing, and taking care of business.  We left in such a hurry that there was a lot waiting to get done here.  It’s really nice that Aaron has this weekend off before heading over to CleElum.  We’re all enjoying being home and having some time together as a family.


One thought on “Friday, March 28th

  1. Glad that you guys are home! We will see you later in the week when we are back from Tacoma. So glad that Matthew is doing well and that the financial weight has been lifted off of your shoulders! Praise be to God! Love you!

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