Just another day in the hospital.

The wet diaper finally came around 2:00am! 

Matthew has been doing really well today.  He hasn’t had any more pain, and he’s been happy and playful all day.  Now, we’re just working on getting him nice and hydrated, and getting all the calories he needs in him.  He eats every 2 hours, and anything he doesn’t take by bottle goes in his NG tube.  So far, he has tolerated everything very well.  We have not seen him smile this much since before this whole mess started.  We’ll spend one more night in the hospital just to be safe, and hopefully be discharged tomorrow.  The NG tube will stay in place for the next 5 weeks, until he has heart surgery.

Micah is doing well and enjoying time with his grandparents.  We are doing a lot of running back and forth to and from the hospital.  He seems to understand that Matthew is sick and that our schedule is crazy for a while.  It will be nice to get us all back home to Yakima soon.  Aaron’s family are dropping like flies to some horrible flu like bug and we need to get out of here before one of us catches it!  We need to be germaphobes for the next month before the surgery.

  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  It means a lot to us.


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