Rough night, Tough day

We are back in the hospital with Matthew today.

After we were discharged yesterday, he did well for a couple hours, then started to not eat very well.  During the evening and all through the night, he would get very uncomfortable and cry with pain in his belly.  He was eating very minimal amounts, and we could tell he was getting dehydrated because he stopped making tears and hadn’t had a single wet diaper since we’d been home.

So, this morning we headed back to the hospital with him.  He started to eat better all on his own, and the pain seems to be nearly gone.  But, he was still dehydrated, so they placed an NG tube and are feeding him Pedialyte through that.  As soon as we get a wet diaper, they will change the Pedialyte to formula – but it’s 8:00pm and still no wet diaper.  The Pedialyte has been going since about 4:30.  He evidently was more dehydrated than we thought.

There was a very good chance that Matthew would need an NG tube placed anyway in order for him to gain enough weight for surgery.  We have to feed him more than he usually eats in order to get enough calories in him.  He needs to be as strong and healthy as possible going into heart surgery!

We’ll spend the night in the hospital tonight, and possibly go home tomorrow.  We’ll take him home with the NG tube in place so that we can feed him with that if necessary.

 I’ve never waited with such anticipation for a wet diaper!


3 thoughts on “Rough night, Tough day

  1. I talked to Grandma Treis last night (Grandpa was bowling), and she sends their wishes for Matthew’s speedy recovery and your whole family’s return home.

    Love and prayers from us!

  2. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers! Julia is asking to play with Micah and Matthew, and makes sure to add in their names every time we say prayers. We hope that today is going better for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do here in Yakima!

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