More Progress

Matthew has continued to improve steadily, and we may even be discharged from the hospital Monday or Tuesday! 

He is keeping his oxygen levels up by himself, and he was taken off the oxygen early this afternoon.  It’s great to not have any tubing on his face anymore, and we can let him use his hands again!  (We had to have them bundled to his sides so he didn’t pull on his tubing.)  He was awake and alert all day today, and was comfortable, playful, and snuggly.  He is eating very well – so well, in fact, that they disconected his IV this evening.  He is now disconnected from everything – just has a few wires on for monitoring vital signs! (He still has a central line in place so they can give him medicine and draw blood without poking him) 

Micah has been very flexible and easy-going through all of this.  There is a great play-room on the peds floor, and he heads right for the “toy room” when we bring him to the hospital.  He seems to understand that Matthew is sick, so Mommy or Daddy needs to stay with him.  We’re thankful that he’s doing so well.

Aaron and I are both exhausted, but hanging in there.  We take turns spending the night with Matthew in the hospital.  Thank You to everyone who continues to pray for our family. 


One thought on “More Progress

  1. Matthew is precious! He is such a fighter. We are so happy to here he is doing so well after this last bout! Our prayers go out to you and your family.

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